Saturday, August 10, 2013

Times Flies When You're Having Fun

Siobhan came to Charity Hack planning a national meningitis awareness day, but she's leaving determined not to restrict spreading awareness to just the one day.

ACT4Meningitis is a countrywide operation that's based in Galway. To date it's really only recognised for its work in Galway however, so from here on in the aim is to become a recognised brand with functioning services in Ireland as a whole and then the world.

I'm lying. They're actually planning on sticking to Ireland. But Charity Hack has been going for over nine hours now and I'm a bit giddy.

Siobhan's giddy too for what it's worth. She's also oozing appreciation and enthusiasm for her every pore. I suspect that as much as she's loving Charity Hack she can't wait for it to end so Monday will come sooner and she can get cracking on her plans.

"I'm actually very excited about plans we're going to put in place next week," she said, in our post-teatime-pizza chat. "We're going to start working on our strategic plan straight away, and start training volunteers as awareness ambassadors for the charity."

Awareness ambassadors you say Siobhan? Do tell us more!

"We came in with an idea to organise a national awareness day," Siobhan explained. "After sitting down and talking to hackers, and working through where the charity is at, we've decided why isolate our awareness to just one day? We've now decided to sit down and put a strategic plan in place. We're going to move around the country to do awareness in different places around the country, where people want to meet - and help - the charity."

Awareness roadshows will be announced two weeks in advance using social and local media, while the event itself will give locals the opportunity to get information about meningitis and find out more about ACT4Meningitis.

Looking towards the final push on this inaugural Charity Hack, Siobhan says she's still energised. "The day went an awful lot quicker than I thought," she says. "It's been an absolutely amazing experience. Everyone just kept bouncing ideas off each other and that made us more eager to try and put those things in place. We've new exciting plans for the charity and I'm looking forward to facing into the last three hours."

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